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Runner Testimonials

Jenna H.

Amber and Lindsey are the ultimate hype girls! Their positive energy is unmatched and their ability to genuinely connect with runners is truly remarkable. Over the past two years, they have helped me train for a half marathon and multiple marathons. Each time they have created a custom running plan that is both detailed and organized to help me reach my goals. These two have a unique ability to keep running fun but challenging. In 2021, my marathon was cancelled just three days before race day. Amber and Lindsey immediately jumped into action to calm me down and find other alternatives. I highly recommend Amber and Lindsey, I feel so lucky to call them my coaches!


Amber and Lindsey took away the uncertainty of training for my first marathon - and to be fair, I was VERY uncertain I was going to even be able to do this. They not only built a plan specific to my goals, but they also provided me with a wealth of knowledge around strength training, recovery and nutrition that made me feel more confident as I embarked on my training journey. Throughout this plan, Amber and Lindsey made themselves available for any questions/concerns I had, whether that be about gear, foot pain or even the best playlist to listen to (note that Lindsey is partial to Beyonce and Amber loves some good ol’ Hamilton). Thanks to the Brave Body project I completed my first marathon at my goal time and am ready to PR on my next (with their help of course!).-

Jen D.

I have been coached by Brave Body Project for my most recent marathon and half marathon. Immediately, I recognized their commitment and knowledge of the sport. I came in with my own goals, but after we went over my previous race times and my current fitness level, they believed that I could achieve more.
Amber and Lindsey designed a detailed, individualized plan to help me reach my potential. From speed work, to strength and nutrition; I was covered. Their constant encouragement and belief in me as an athlete throughout the process was contagious, and helped me to break my previous mental barriers. For both races, I made it to the start line feeling strong, confident, and healthy, and I crossed the finish line exceeding my own expectations.
Brave Body Project is passionate about run coaching and that shines through as they root for their athletes every step of the way.

Marc H.

Amber and Lindsey are who you want in your corner as you train for your big day. I'll give you 3 reasons why. #1 Detail Oriented: they tailor a plan specific to your running abilities, and lay out a plan on how to reach your goal whether to finish the race or getting that new PB. #2 Accountability: They don't just hand you a running plan and say good luck. They are routinely checking in with you to see how your training is going while offering tweaks, tips, and encouragement along the way. #3 Authentic: Amber and Lindsey treat you like family; they want you to succeed and it shows with the care that they pour into each and every runner. Thank you Amber and Lindsey for helping me become a better runner. -

Melanie K.

Simply put, Lindsey and Amber are the best in the business. When I signed up for their 16 week marathon training plan, I had no idea what to expect other than I knew I could trust them to devise a plan tailored to me that would get me across the finish line (literally). Not only did they create a detailed, thorough, and personalized training plan that factored in my run, workout, and work/life schedule, but the enthusiasm, support, and positivity they brought to every check in call was unmatched. They were always available by text to celebrate a new MILEstone win, or talk through a slight setback and offer a suggestion of how best to work around to ensure training could stay safely on track. Their coaching didn't stop at the plan – it extended to all aspects of training from recommendations on gels and water bottle belts to routes and an explanation of the taper (which put all the hard work in perspective in a way I didn't expect). They reminded me that racing is meant to be challenging and fun and that your body is capable of incredible things if you have the right coaching!

Jess M.

I could not have run a marathon without Amber and Lindsey. End of story. From the custom training plan to the weekly check-ins, they were incredible and instrumental in my training. As someone who did couch to marathon, Amber and Lindsey not only encouraged me that I could do it, but were by my side every step of the way. To top it all off, their energies are next level amazing. Amber and Lindsey are the best cheerleaders on and off the course! I highly recommend working with them no matter where you are in your running journey. -Jesse Moss

Adella I.

The training program Amber and Lindsey created for me was incredible! Compared to when I ran my first marathon without a structured plan, I felt like I had ALL the tools to run smarter and faster this time around. Most importantly, I had the coaching support to get me through a few injuries and those moments of doubt while cheering me on as I reached my marathon goals! Would recommend 10/10 and I can't wait to have you both help me train for the next one! -Adella Iliev

Amy I.

Lindsey and Amber are the best coaches I could have asked for. As a first time marathoner, I was nervous and lost when it came to figuring out a training schedule. The plan they put together put me at ease and allowed me to solely focus on getting the work done. I also loved that they set time to talk about nutrition and recovery. That helped keep me healthy and strong throughout the training cycle. I was so well-prepared on race day that I could just focus on the experience and not stress about finishing. I had the BEST time on race day and owe it to them! Even though the coaching was virtual, I never felt alone and knew I had a stellar team cheering me on. I can't wait for the next marathon season." - Amy Iwanowicz

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