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We're so excited to welcome you to the #TeamBBP meal plan program and nutrition guide.  We created this guide because we're on a mission to help you feel strong and confident in your body both inside and out!


This downloadable guide and program is packed with +45 nutritious recipes developed by Stephanie and Williow, registered dietitians and the duo behind C&J Nutrition, healthy eating tips, and a 7-day progressive meal plan that will last you 28 days.  For a month you'll be eating whole, nutritious, and delicious foods that fuel your Brave Body Project workouts and your day.  Purchase and download the program once and it's yours for life!!

Nutrition Guide and Meal Plan

    • +45 healthy, delicious, and simple recipes
    • A doable meal plan program that isn't about dieting or fads.  The ingredients are ones you'll recognize and the meals are simple
    • A suggested week of meals and recipes that are designed to fuel your performance.  Each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack and a treat.
    • Bonus meal, snack and treat recipes that you can use as swaps or supplements to the daily meal plan as you repeat it throughout the month.
    • Our top healthy eating tips for nutrition success
    • A handy shopping list to take to the grocery store to help make meal prepping extra easy.
    • A food log so you can track what recipes you like and how you feel each day.
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