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Melanie K.

Simply put, Lindsey and Amber are the best in the business. When I signed up for their 16 week marathon training plan, I had no idea what to expect other than I knew I could trust them to devise a plan tailored to me that would get me across the finish line (literally). Not only did they create a detailed, thorough, and personalized training plan that factored in my run, workout, and work/life schedule, but the enthusiasm, support, and positivity they brought to every check in call was unmatched. They were always available by text to celebrate a new MILEstone win, or talk through a slight setback and offer a suggestion of how best to work around to ensure training could stay safely on track. Their coaching didn't stop at the plan – it extended to all aspects of training from recommendations on gels and water bottle belts to routes and an explanation of the taper (which put all the hard work in perspective in a way I didn't expect). They reminded me that racing is meant to be challenging and fun and that your body is capable of incredible things if you have the right coaching!

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