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Training for a race? A fall marathon?
Running your first half marathon?
We've got you covered.

Runner Testimonials
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Amber Rees and Lindsey Clayton are certified run coaches, marathoners, Maurten and PUMA sponsored athletes, and Chief Instructors and Curriculum Leads at Barry's in NYC!  The girls met over a decade ago on the National Tour of the Broadway show Hairspray. After spending nearly half of their lives performing in theatre and dance, they both transitioned to full-time careers in the fitness industry and have never looked back. 


Guided by their passion to bring inclusion and belonging to the world of health and running for people of all shapes and sizes, Amber and Lindsey created Brave Body Project. With the dream of creating a space for people to celebrate their strength and connect through their passion for running, fitness, body empowerment, and the pursuit of living a brave life, Amber and Lindsey are on a mission to inspire people to run and work out because they love their bodies, practice gratitude for their ability to move, and most importantly, have fun while doing this thing called life.


Amber and Lindsey offer run coaching, and customized training plans for every distance from the mile to the marathon.

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